Domestic Helper

Participants of Malaysia My Second Home Programme are provided with various incentives to make their stay more comfortable and enjoyable in Malaysia.

Each applicant is allowed to apply for one maid subject to the prevailing guidelines of the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

  • Application By Principal (Employer) / MM2H Agent
  • Completed Domestic Helper's Application Form (Available at MM2H Center)
  • Form IMM. 12 (Available at MM2H Center)
  • Form IMM. 38 (If Applicable)
  • Letter of Intention By The Principal/ Sponsor
  • Approval Letter From Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA - For Domestic Helper From Philippine Only
  • Passed Medical Check Up (From Origin Country of Domestic Helper)
  • Personal Bond (Stamped RM 10.00 at Duty Stamp Office)
  • A Copy of Applicant's Passport & approval letter
  • A Copy of Principal's Passport (Particulars & MM2H Visa Pages)
  • Employment's Contract (Stamped RM 10.00 at Duty Stamp Office) - 2 Original Copies
  • SNP/ Tenancy Agreement - Copy
  • Utilities Bil (Electrik/ Water/ Astro) - Copy
  • Marriage/ Birth Certificate - Copy & Original
  • FOMEMA Approval After The Levi Payment

* Processing period is seven (7) working days from submission of complete documents


  1. Guideline for Foreign Domestic Helper
  2. Domestic Helper Form 1 (Borang PRA 1)
  3. Domestic Helper Form 2 (Borang PRA 2)
  4. Social Visit Pass Application Form IM.12 (Immigration Department)
  5. IM. 38 Form
  6. Personal Bond
  7. Attachmend Form A (Lampiran A)
  8. Attachmend Form B (Lampiran B)
  9. Attachmend Form C (Lampiran C)
  10. Contract of Employment
  11. Foreign Worker Medical Examination Registration Form