Incentives Under Sarawak MM2H

1. House Purchase

Each participant is allowed to purchase residential houses at minimum prices of RM300,000 each at designated areas and is exempted from Foreign Investment Committee (FIC)’s approval. Designated areas confined to Kuching, Sibu and Miri.

2. Car Purchase

Each participant is allowed to bring in his / her own personal car OR to purchase a locally assembled car without the need to pay import duty, excise duty and sales tax. Note: “Personal Car” is referred to a car, which was purchased by participant
before joining the MM2H programme.

Participants must apply for prior approval within the time period given to the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of International Trade and Industry before bringing in personal car from country of residence or buying the locally assembled car in Malaysia.

3. Domestic Helper

Each applicant is allowed for one (1) maid subject to the prevailing guidelines of the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

4. Education

Applicants are allowed to bring their children who are under 18 years old and not married as their dependants under this programme.
Children who intend to continue their schooling in Malaysia are required to apply for a Student Pass and should be insured throughout their stay under this programme.

5. Tax Exemption

Participants are bound by the policies, systems and regulations of taxes of this country and they do not have exemption qualifications as granted to Diplomatic Missions in Malaysia. However, tax exemption is given to pension remitted in Malaysia. Participants are required to obtain the endorsement from the Authorities in their country of origin as to the total amount of yearly pension received. A copy of this letter has to be submitted in their application for tax exemption.